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tv   News4 Today  NBC  September 20, 2015 6:00am-8:01am EDT

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right now on "news4 today," it's finally going to happen. can you believe it. metro's new bus hub about to open. what that means for passengers in just about an hour. plus, another major loss for a family mourning the death of a love one. the defb station they came home to after a funeral. well -- >> good morning. -- welcome in on "news4 today." i'm adam tuss. hope you're having a great day so far. and another welcome to you on this sunday morning. i'm adam tuss. >> i'm angie goff. thanks a lot that you could join us. the long awaited transit center
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is set to open. it's something you've been followed closely. >> absolutely amazing. absolutely set to open in just about an hour. a $340 million project will welcome commuters. the transit center has been delayed many times due to construction. we're going to follow this story for you as the morning goes on. obviously, the weather's going to be an issue. >> we want to stek in with storm team 4's tom kierein. hey, tom. >> good morning. as you take a morning walk with your dog, taking a morning stroll, you'll notice as the drier air has moved out. humidity has moved. the tower camera looking off in the distance, you can see clouds forming in the area. off to the east is the bright
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planet venus. i took this a couple of morning's and you can see it playing peekaboo with the clouds now. storm team 4 radar, you might have a few scattered sprinkles. close-up high definition radar, high resolution not showingny rain anywhere in the vicinity, this front pretty much coming through dry this morning, bringing in cooler weather. right now in the low 60s in the panhandle of shenandoah valley. look at oakland down to a chilly 46. and some of that cooler air is going to be moving in today. metro area, right now we're in the upper 60s. right downtown near 70. right around the upper 60s to right around 70 degrees. a look at how long this fresh change will last. we're going to say good-bye to summer in september. that's coming up in a few minutes. >> thanks so much, tom. in a few hours a million cubans
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are expecting to watch pope francis deliver mass in revolution square. mass starts at 9:00 this morning. then this afternoon pope francis will meet with cuban president raul castro and his brother fidel. he called on both countries to do more to normalize the tide. and we do want to remind you we've got you covered for three days, just three days. we're going to bring you breaking news alert apps when he gets here and all the traffic delays you may experience. >> there are going to be plenty of those. here are four things to know to travel around town once the pope gets here. as angie mentioned, he'll be here on tuesday. by far, the most disruptive day will be wednesday from a road and metro executive.
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the brookland station is going to be extremely busy and the red line will be particularly crowded. as the pope moves around town, there will be rolling road closures. we know some details about his movement but there are some things we just don't know. if you don't have a ticket to the canonization mass, your best chance to see the pope is o at his public parade. busy, busy, busy. >> mm-hmm. tragedy in prince george's county. they lost their home in a horrific fire. two firefighters battling the blaze are also recovering this morning. "news4's" darcy spencer has more from the scene. >> reporter: these photo shoes the heavy fire and thick black ceremony that virtually
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destroyed this home on endicott place on n springdale. no one was hope. that's because they were here at ebeneezer church. they were at a funeral of this man whose home burnt. . at that time no one really knew. >> they quickly found out the worst. the fire was reported around 1:30 in the afternoon. flames were shooting from the top floor and roof. his widow and other loved ones raced from the home. as the firefighters worked to get flames under control, they spent the afternoon comforting one another and receiving guests. >> this is very difficult on the day that you bury one of your relatives, you also learn that your home, which is probably the second most important thing is
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also gone. >> two firefighters were taken to the hospital, one for electrical shock, one for minor burns. the heat from the fire was so intense that it melted the siding on both sides of the home. >> the other question is what next, you know. things have aha t tendency of happening in threes. we hope that's not the case. >> investigators are still trying to determine what caused the fire. but right now there's an estimate 2d $00,000 in damages. a funeral will be held this morning for a young girl who was killed by a drunk driver. 25-year-old samantha sumter's car. witnesses say they were yelling out of the window hang beer. the funeral is this morning at
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11:00. it took d.c. police less than half an hour to find them. police chased down a car and arrested steven pew and more rico knight. both are facing first-degree murder charges. shortly after that arrest they found dean tray ee gram shot and killed. this is the same place a man was shot while sitting on a metrobus last month. so far no arrests in this case. police are offering a $25,000 award for any information leading to the arrest and conviction of this homicide. we're get nug numbers showing the devastation caused by two wildfires in the northern part of the state. 1,000 homes have been destroyed so far. 6,400 others are in thefire's
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path. five people have died. they're still working to get these fires under control. looking at the day ahead, the maryland didn't of ail aig culture will spray for mosquitos. you're going to see mda trucks on three main roads. there'll be half a dozen areas to go to if you're worried about spraying. this will be the last mosquito spraying session for the year. >> take two. are you ready? >> okay. >> the redskins. >> how about i take the story. >> do it. >> the redskins are going to take on the rams at 1:00 p.m. they lost the first game this season and they've only one seven games in the last two seasons. >> good luck to them today. >> yes. now on to decision 2016.
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sorry about that. having some promty issues. all eyes on donald trumtp. now, trump did not correct the supporter when he called president obama a muslim. he did address the way he responded on the issue via twitter at the appearance in iowa. >> they wanted me to speak up in favor of the president. do you think he's going to speak up in favor of me? why do i think he's not. >> trump has surged ahead of his republican rivals and foes but some wonder if his bubble is going to burst soon. >> ben carson and john kay success will be on "meet the
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press" this morning at 9:30. if you're heading to the race this morning, the closest stop to the station is the smithsonian station. that's the closest one to the starting line. you can catch the blue, original, or silver lines to the stop. >> new video. this is a yacht on fire. a family is on board there. why they're thinking a good samaritan this morning. and a developing story out of indiana where two children were hit in a drive-by shooting
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welcome back. it's 6:13. new this morning, two children shot after an apparent drive-by
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shooting in indianapolis. one victim has died. they were 9 and 11. two adults were shot also. they boenlt believe it was a random attack. four people including a 6-year-old boy were on this yacht when it went up in flames. a passer-by called the coast guard. the boat burned for an hour but everybody was ab to get off just in time. the fire started in the engine. that's some scary stuff. >> you don't want to see that. well, we're starting off our sunday. yesterday was kind of hot. >> it was hot. it was summer in september. >> bye, summer? >> bye. nice seeing you. >> bring on the s'mores. >> a more autumnal feel. starting this morning you'll notice a breeze coming off from
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the west. right now to the east, we've got a glow in the eastern sky, and the temperatures are comfortable now, although it's a little humid. the humidity is beginning to move in as the winds pick up. right now, washington, 70. upper 60s, near 70 around the bay. off to our west, we're still in the 60s in most locations. look at oakland now. a chilly 46 degrees. and there's the glow in the eastern sky this morning. you can barely make out mars. i thought i saw mars a few minutes ago. maybe obscured by the cloud f clouds now. by 8:00, sun, upper 70s. back down to the mid-70s by 5:00 p.m. all across the region we'll be in the 70s. just a gorgeous sunday. enjoy the lower humidity moving
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in. now, the winds may be a bit blustery for the fed axe game this afternoon. kickoff is at 1:00. for tailgating, it's going to be a bit blustery. it will be in the mid-70s. then by 2:00, just a few clouds, upper 70s. by the end of the game, it should be back down to the mid-70s and lots of sunshine around. then a cool start to the week. right around 70 degrees heading a touf school and work monday morning. starting tomorrow, a lot of clouds. might have a passing shower. we could certainly use it. there's a small passing of a sprinkle or shower. small showers for the papal visit arriving on tuesday all the way through thursday. it looks beautiful. night weekend to follow. >> thank you, tom. thank you, tom. we have "reporter's notebook"
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coming up weechlt be back at 6:30. good morning. welcome to "reporter's notebook." i'm pat lawson muse. as we roll out the red carpet, road closures and tight security will surely create gridlock in parts of the city. ddot says expect long delays. try to work from home. take mass transit. plan ahead. and give yourself plenty of extra time to get where you need to go. joe madison s the city ready or will this visit bring the city to a standstill? >> i think this city will be ready for it more so than philadelphia. i'm heading up to philadelphia to see the pope there, but i'm staying in d.c. we're used to the diplomats and presidents on the move. i think what we're doing here today is giving people plenty of time to adjust to what might, you know, be a lot of road closures. >> well, it's going to be messy,
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no matter what we say. we'll be used to it but ddot is trying to use technology. they're saying, listen, we have these mappings, go online, take a look, these are the roads that will be closed. so much of the talk about the pope's visit is about snarling traffic, stay home, not working. and there will be talk about how inspirational this visit may be, but it seems to be right now secondary to what is this going to do for your the life of those who live in the area and those coming into the area. i guess once he gets here, we'll start talking about what he has to say. >> and dave, mcconnell, throw in a concert on tuesday night and those nats games. >> that's right. there's a lot of competition. i don't want to go overboard on this, but kind of think like a snow day. think of that. we're not quite there with the snow on the streets and
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slipperiness. this is not about snow. but the fact is when you close arteries, it causes traffic in other arteries. i think i'm going to stay home. >> i just wrote down, treat it like a snow day. basically that's how we ought to treat it. >> or inauguration date. >> that's a little different because it happens every four years. it's a little more concentrated, isn't it? >> the head of opm says treat it like a snow day. >> whether they're catholic or not, so many are preesh ya tifb of the pope. there's just this mood and they can't wait for him to show snup this is not only his first trip to washington but to the united states. the wizards heading to ward 8. tea people are abuzz about it. the owner has unveiled plans for
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a $550 million plan. they expect it to bring jobs in. they hope it will bring hope to a community in desperate need of an economic shot in the arm. dave, the mayor promised development east of the an cost ya river. could this be a boon for ward 8? >> since there's been a concern in that area they really have missed out on the economic development of the rest of the city. this would be a great way to do it. if they build the arena, the allure of the wizards, look at all the people looking to go way down. you can imagine what this will do for the wizards. so it looks like a really good shot in the arm. >> those numbers are starting to decrease a little bit for the football team. i think what's important here is mayor bowser is only following in the footsteps of mayor grey
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fowler and mayor gray there's an issue talking about crime. i think if you have redevelopment there and you build up the tax base, that sort os takes care of that issue. i this i what's important is the money that's going to spent here. $55 million. the city is going to kick in most of it. leonys is going to put in $55 million. but still we haven't to get the council to prove this. we're talking the major plan but she has to get support. we're moving now to another sports complex. >> i can't imagine anyone in that kouj would vote against it. this would be transformational. let's go back. remember what the verizon center did for chinatown. i mean we've been around long enough to know there was a time you didn't even go to chinatown. stay out of china up to. look at the restaurants. look at the activity. the fact is it's not going to be
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just a practice center, you're going have all kinds of restaurants and small businesses. the thing i do hope is that there will be employment opportunities to help build that for people in ward 8. and that's what i really hope will take place. i think that's where eleanor holmes norton will come into play. >> very quickly naltds will tell you oftentimes building stadiums really don't mean that much of an economic boom for the communities. d.c. is a little different. it has happened with nationals stadium and verizon center, but downdon't see it out at the fedex field in landon. >> look what that's done. >> d.c. is a different outlier than most stadiums that go in the united states and sports
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i think we try to find someone avail snoobl the big issue with body cams converging with the deaths of black men and white policemen involved in a shooting of them, this whole series of things we've gone through over the last year is we need some way to see what really happened. there's disparate accounts of it. body cams seem to be thence. now critics say there's a move to cut that uf. >> all right. we've got to take a break. we'll be right back. stay with us. d.c. will have to pay a former inmate. he wins a settlement. he pleaded guilty to simple assault charge stemming from domestic dispute. he was locked up. he had no way to council with
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anyone. a jury will decide how much he gets. does it surprise you that even in the wake of this case t aclu is claiming inmates with disabilities are still being denied access and inadequate services at the city jail? >> it didn't surprise me what the judge ruled. he had a 46-page report and was taking to task the way d.c. was treating these inmates. know it's happening in arlington. it's also happening there. obviously this is an issue. the aclu sees it as an issue. the thing is the judge says they knew he was there and knew what the rules were to follow and still did not do it. it seems to me it's still a somewhat open and shut case. for this gentleman in arlington, this could become a bigger
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issue. >> i would add only one thing. i would hope they would incorporate in the settlement money for training so that this doesn't happen again. johnnie cochran used to do that. he would have big rewards and the family would get "x" amounts. and then there would be money set aside for the police agency to have training, which would preeventual it from happening again. that's what i would strongly recommend. this makes no sense whatsoever. >> you have to wonder if this isn't a time for the penal system. i mean i've read colby king's columns on this in the post and any number of investigations have been around about people just like this or improperly treated or some people have had medical conditions and they've died. really the critics say it just has to change. >> alexandria bans flying the flag. the confederate flag will no
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longer fly twice a year on state property. they're hoping to pass the raising on confederate mourning day in may. it's currently at the intersection of washington street. what do you think of the idea? >> it gets us into the old discussion of the flag again, what it means, what it represents, how it hurts people. at the same time it's a representation of a stand, a cause, if you will, an ill-fated cause certainly. but the people i talked to said it's time the confederate flag should go in that area to a more proechlt place. a museum or private ceremony or something like that. many people were surprised that the confederate flag still flies several times in alexandria. >> everybody knows my position
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on this. i'm like dave. i think it should be in a museum. this issue is not going to go away. it's been a long time coming. and i just think this is part of people saying, you know, let's just get rid of it. we're one country. we're not two countries. the civil war is over. >> very monte, everybody does not feel that way. do you think other jurisdictions will follow suit? >> i think what you see in south carolina. virginia, what you saw in richmond, there can be those who will show others to follow if south carolina and virginia can do it. we're talking about the confederate flag. i will say i was surprised. i was surprised it was a unanimous vote. and they're talking about possibility renaning streets and highways. there are 33 of those. that's going to be dicey.
6:29 am
the fact that it went through, i would say it's progress, it's not rewriting history. it's communities deciding what and who you want to honor as a nation and that will be a continued debate. >> i'll add one thing. if you rename the streets, you take away the reason why people get angry. gore by dal said it one time. the edward pettus bridge which was a horrific demonstration where people were mauled by the police. people might forget why that bridge, what that name edmund pettus means. so some of these symbols might be a bad reason. >> i think that's so tied to a movement and a particular time, and i think that's a perfect example of the ed monday pettus
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brid bridge. i think that's a little different. >> having crossed ed mumd pettus bridge, what i do here is they're hoping he's rolling over in his grave. the other thing, too, keep in mind -- a lot of people don't know this. did you know that robert e. lee at his funeral did not want the confederate flag posted? >> his view was over, we won and even though he had a problem with african-americans and his views are certainly not consistent with what we believe today, he was really unstru mental. they said, no, it's over. we've got to become united states citizens. >> we've got to move on. thank you. that's "reporter's notebook." i'm pat lawson muse. stay with us now as "news4 today" continues.
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\ good morning. i'm angie goff. >> i'm adam tuss. >> today is the day the new transit center finally opens to the public. it makes its debut in about 30 minutes. we'll have a live report coming up later on "news4 today" to see how things are going after the highly anticipated opening. >> two wildfires in northern california have destroyed 1,000 homes, 6,400 are in the fire's path, five have died. we want to go to tom kierein who has more on the fresh change. hey, tom. >> good morning. starting off with low humidity moving in from the west. the winds picking up a little bit this morning and looking off
6:32 am
fr to the east, a peaches and cream sunrise on this sunday morning. a beautiful day. right now storm team 4's radar not showing any rain. might have a sprinkle around tl shenandoah valley. the high resolution radar not showing any clouds in the vicinity. shenandoah valley and panhandle and suburbs midto upper 60s. near 70 right around the chesapeake bay. a look at the forecast for the papal visit coming up in a few minutes. >> tom, thanks. right now the coast guard are searching for migrants. rescue boats have picked up 20 survivors so fafrmt hundreds of thousands of migrants are fleeing to europe to avoid violence in the middle east.
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the ride to conquer cancer continues today after a tragedy. a rider was killed during yesterday's first leg of the race. the alexandria man died after a car hit him in howard county. the accident happened. he went around a curve and crossed the center lines. an suv hit him. this morning the fire department is mourning the loss of one of its own. she retired. she had been with the department for 29 years. police are still investigating that crash. a permanent memorial is now in place to honor the legacy of allison ward and adam. a helicopter dropped roses at
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the memorial. >> what we're doing here with this long lasting tribute. we have scholarships in place for them. they will never be forgotten. >> well, donations from this weekend's remembrance all went twaurnd funds set up in allison's and adam's lanes. investigators say ballistic evidence from the same gun matches the first four shootings. he claims he pawned the gun months ago before the shootings began. there have been 11 confirmed shootings. right now the police can onto connect the suspect to four. police in an run dal county say they caught the man accuse 60- to 90-minute sexually assaults two women. police say he sexually assaulted a woman on crane highway and
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last thursday a woman was attacked on hospital drive less than two miles from this first incident. three children are recovering in a hospital this morning after a horrific boat accident. take look at the aftermath. all the kids were under 10 years old. they were flown to a hospital in d.c. a 3-year-old was in cy critical collision. the 9-year-old was badly burned. 59 yfrld girl and the adults were not hurt. still no word on why the boat exploded. ♪ what a welcome for pope francis as he gets ready for his biggest event in cuba. up to a million people are filling revolution square in havana for a mass that will happen at 9:00 this morning. then this afternoon the pope will meet with cuban president raul castro and his brother fidel that i will be there because you will be there.
6:36 am
see you in philadelphia. >> well, that's the welcome pope francis sent to philadelphia in english to help them get excited for his visit next weekend. crews in philly are still trying to put together the stage when he comes to the world meeting on f families. next week pope francis will speak at independence mall and hold a mass on benjamin franklin parkway. coming up here, you can hear more about the steps on the silver line. they'll cover the bridge expansion over centreville road. construction is expected to start in two weeks there. on tuesday, a new greenhouse will open at the high school. those fruits and vegetables will eventually be use for the school's cafeteria. a housing plan will add close to 16,000 apartments by
6:37 am
the year 2040. the board listened to three hours of personal and heartfelt testimony from those who have benefitted from the county's existing housing. that testimony apparently swayed lawmakers' decisions in favor of that plan. >> it mate be the most intimate part of the pope's trip to d.c. what the pope expects to see when he meets with the homeless this week. and the literary
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another marathon debate and the pope. talking all about it, moderator of "meet the press," chuck todd. good morping. >> good morning. >> what did you make of it? did you make it through the ten. >> we're going have the last
6:41 am
hour of it this morning. it was as advertised what i thought it would be. you felt a little sense of i think desperation of candidates trying to be relevant yochl u saw an entire field comfortable going after trump now. i think that was pretty clear. and you saw a candidate in carly fiorina get an opportunity and take advantage of the opportunity. >> she did well. >> right. when you take a look at it, i think she did well. of the front-runner, i think ben carson missed opportunity. here he was center stage and -- this is not his strong suit clearly, the debate format. and i think jeb bush calmed his donors down. if you're trump, you have to get nervous that the whole field is beating you up and maybe, you know, is your shtick wearing thin? is there a second act because it's wearing thin. >> the back-and-forth between him and fiorina was between she
6:42 am
and him. and that stone face she gave him was a moment. >> it was great to see chris christie play moderator. hey, children, calm down. >> by the way, of what i would call the desperate candidates, the ones that were trying to stay afloat, i think he did the best among them. >> i want go to the other side among the democrats. i feel like we're in a different place than we were a week ago with joe biden and that emotional interview with colbert. now we're hearing rumblings from his aides. >> he's traveled all over from detroit to los angeles to columbus. anywhere he's met, he's been having private meetings. and my sources in all of those different cities are all saying the same thing. he wants to run, he's saying he's ready to run, he's saying his family is on board, yes, he's still trying to figure out the emotional part of this, but
6:43 am
there's also some nuts and bolts that he hasn't fully answered the question but he does feel as if he's a edge closer. >> quickly, the pope here do, you think this will have an impact politically? what can this do? >> he's bound to. this is unlike any other pay pap visit we have seen. john paul ii, benedict, they were all sort of above the fray a bit. he's going to be a political participant this week wlrks it's on climate challenge, whether it's on human rights issues. i'm sure he's going to way in on the refugee conflict. it's going to be fascinating to watch. >> we're going to see the pope replace trump in the headlines, right? >> definitely for the week. the impact he has on stirring the debate, particularly on climate change, it's going to be interesting. >> he'll have an impact on
6:44 am
traffic. >> this morning we're having ben carson, kasich, and jamie dimon. >> you can see "meet the press" right after "news4 today." speaking of the pope, after the pope meets with members of congress thursday, heal have what may be the most impactful part of the trip. >>. >> reporter: it's easy to look at a line like this and just think homeless people, and getting to know them isn't easy. it's hard. but not impossible. >> i've been homeless off and on. >> reporter: scott morgan came to the st. maria meal. it's the smallest stop on his trip. >> maybe the most important because he actually gets to
6:45 am
interact with people currently on streets who are struggling. >> reporter: people looking for something to sustain not just their bodies but souls. >> they're hoping to hear words of encouragement. >> reporter: dr. john ensler is excited. >> where we're sitting right now, he'll be here to bless this chapel. >> reporter: not just a pope. this pope. >> pope francis lives the message. he seems to be want to be with those. >> what would i say to the holy father right now? i would actually say thank you for actually addressing the refug refugees. >> reporter: scott morgan has been watching what's happening in 00 gra gary and appreciates the pope challenging the catholics to help them. >> reporter: if he gets an
6:46 am
audience with pope francis, he'll say, thank you. >> also i'll welcome him to the u.s. >> now. father ensler will be with pope francis while he niece d.c. father ensler is officiating a mass at 8:00 at st. bartholomew's in bethesda. the active times looked at campus dining and athletic facilities at 50 colleges nationwide. virginia tech ranked number one because of its organic options, fitness experts and dynamicdyna are you ready to do this? yesterday people got a chance to test their strength. teams of 25 tried their tugging at this 156,000-foot airbus.
6:47 am
they do this every year. it's impressive every year. it gets the crowd farid up. it all goes to a good cause. it was hot. >> just to make it a little bit harder, they loaded the plane up with weights. >> they stopped video. they pulled up hard enough the plaep took off. >> it was amazing. >> it was close. there it is. we've got a bit of a blustery wind now coming in from the north and west and the cooling is down a little bit. it's going take a couple manufacture hours for the lower humidity to move in. it really is dropping in shenandoah valley. temperatures right now are near 70 in washington.
6:48 am
low 60s. shenandoah valley valley out of the mountains. 's down 20s. it will be partly sunny and breezy by 8:00 a.m. then hitting upper 70s maybe around 3:00 briefly as we get increasing sunshine. so a mild and very pleasant. high temperatures north and west. shenandoah valley, panhandle of west virginia. into the mountains. lots of sunshine there. they'll be in the upper 70s to near 80. southern maryland, northern maryland. beautiful day around the bay. partly cloudy. a delightful september day coming up. great football weher. the kickoff is at 1:00. we'll have the great weather for the tailgaters early as we get going later this morning. we'll be in the mid-70s for
6:49 am
that. then by kickoff time, the up err 70s. a few clouds and blustery wind coming through. tomorrow morning, a chill in the air drachlts your students accordingly. they won't need their shorts and short jacket. have an umbrella handy too. long sleeves. it will be cooler with a slight chance of a passing shower and highs around 70. a lot of clouds around. again, a possibility of a shower. we certainly could welcome that. maybe all it's going to do is tamp down the dust. then on tuesday the pope arrives in the afternoon. mid-70s and partly cloudy. and for the papal visit on wednesday and thursday, now it is look beautiful. right around 08 during the afternoon noons. then on friday, partly sunny. that's a small chance of a sprinkle. highs in the upper 0s. both of those days with morning lows in the low to mid-60s.
6:50 am
average high this time of year, upper 70s. average low is right around 60. that is pretty much the average as we get into the weekend. that's the way it looks. >> we'll call it divine intervention. thank you, tom. the moment of truth tonight. who's going to take home the (plays throughout)
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♪ sometimes, at last doesn't happen at first. ♪ ♪ your dad just kissed my mom. ♪ turning two worlds into one takes love. ♪ helping protect that world takes state farm.
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good morning, everyone. paefr sunday for shall e we say revenge against the rams. a 24-0 loss and fans headed to the exits early. the redskins, not too wired about history. they're just trying to avoid an 0-2 start to the season. >> sit's definitely on our mind. we're playing a team that
6:54 am
embarrassed us last year. we're coming up with a good game, especially at this time of year because you don't want to in a situation think shoulda, woulda, coulda. >> you have a lot of young guy playing a lot of ball. it will put the guys in the right mindset. it can get the team on the role. if you lose it can put them on the wrongway. >> redskins and rams kick off at 1:00. i'm dave johnson. enjoy week two of the nfl season. coming up, best selling author jack auth author jackie collins died of breast cancer. her breakthrough book came in 1983 titled "hollywood wives." it sold 15 million copies.
6:55 am
collins was 77 years old. tonight's the night. will jon hamm take home an emmy. nbc's mike will break it down. >> his final season playing don draper finally get him a trophy for lead actor. >> i'm very, very thrilled to have been part of the show and sorry to see it end. >> "mad men" has never won a single acting emmy. if it doesn't happen, i can't imagine. he's sort of the status loser in television history. for outstanding lead actress. viola davis in how to get away with murder is killing the competition, but she could lose the emmy because she didn't submit her most memorable scene. >> she did not show that moment where she took off her wig and
6:56 am
everyone has been talking about it. the real battle of the night, best drama were "game of thrones" versus ""mad membership." >> they've gotten 24 nominations. i think game of tloehrones is gg to win. we loved him on "breaking bad." as for the ladies it's a raise twoos ouzo adieu ba who worst lanier and hee tell. >> it culminated with a walk of shame where she was naked walked through the streets with people throwing garbage at her. that's pretty tough to beat. another development, adam? >> yeah. at tonight's award ceremony, no selfie sticks. they've been banned from the that it teller. >> i didn't know they actually brought them in. >> they're saying it's for
6:57 am
safety reasons. you're not dwoimg to see the cool big shotting. >> you look so funny. >> it gets in the way of others trying to take pictures. >> how much good television there actually is out there right now. >> but i was surprised to see that m"mad men" not got an awar. that includes an hour by hour look at
6:58 am
ava and i needed a little vacay. but we needed to watch our spending. meaning i needed to watch nikki. she's the spender. i'm the saver. so, mobile banking from td bank helps me keep track... for both of us. she was just browsing... we gotta go. i'm ava. i'm nikki. and we bank human at td bank.
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what? what can i make for you? how about one of our reuben sandwiches? choose from tender corned beef or oven roasted turkey breast, topped with sauerkraut, melty swiss cheese and thousand island dressing. enjoy one while they're here! subway. eat fresh.
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right now on "news4 today" it's finally going to happen. the metro hub in silver spring is about to open. what it means for patterns coming up. >> plus the major loss and what families are mourning. what they came home to following a funeral. off and running into the 7:00 hour. i'm adam tuss. >> i'm angie goff. >> are you ready for a fresh start? >> i'm ready for pumpkins. >> let's see what tom kierein can deliver. hey, tom. >> i've got a blueberry mango yogurt sunrise under way.
7:01 am
here's a live view from the storm team 4 tower camera. looking off to the east, a promising start to this sunday morning. just a few clouds are floating through. that's part of a front that's bringing in some lower humidity and some cooler temperatures. over the last few hours you have a few sprinkles right around winchester. storm team 4 radar not showing any rain around the vicinity as this front is coming through dry this morning. temperatures are beginning to drop out of the mountains as is the humidity. shenandoah valley and points west. mid-60s. nearby suburbs. downtown near 70 right near the bay water asnd that that bright sun coming up. we'll have a look at how long this fresh change may last and the forecast for the paypal visit for the coming week. that's coming right up. >> thank you, tom. happening today, the long awaited silver spring transit
7:02 am
center is opening. can you believe it? the three-year, $140 million project is getting ready to welcome many. millions in cost overruns but now it's ready to roll. taxis will also be there. "news4's" derrick ward is there. he's going to show us how things are going a little later on "news4 today." in a few hours a million cubans are expected to watch pope francis deliver sunday mass in revolution scare. later he'll meet with cuban president raul castro and his brother fidel. he called on both countries to do more to normalize. keynote forget we've got more to cover in just three days. we'll bring you breaking news
7:03 am
alerts when he arrivings and we'll keep you up to speed on everything like traffic delays. >> there's going to be plenty of those for sure. here are four things you need to know traveling around town once the pope does get here. as angie mentioned he arrives on tuesday. first things first, the most disruptive day will be wednesday from a road closure and a metro perspective. now t brookland metro station is going to be extremely business on wednesday. brookland is the closest to the basilica shrine at the immaculate conception. we know some details about the pope's movement but there will are others we don't know. if you don't have a together to the canonization mass. the best chance is around the public parade around the white house on wednesday morning. lots going on. >> right now we continue to follow a tragedy in prince
7:04 am
george's county. a springdale family already coping with the loss of a loved one now has to start over yet again. while they were at the funeral, their home was heavily damaged in a horrific fire. "news4's" darcy spencer has more now from the scene. >> reporter: these photos show the heavy fire and thick black smoke that virtually destroyed this home on endicott place in springdale. nobody was home. that's bus they were at the ebenezer church of god a few miles away for the funeral of wilson. he died september 5th. family decided to bury him today, which would have been his 60th birthday. >> we heard some people say the house is tote ally burned, some saying the roof is gone, but at that time, no one really knew. >> reporter: they quickly found out the worst. the fire was reported around 1:30 in the afternoon. flames were shooting from the top floors.
7:05 am
wilson's widow and other loved ones raced from the funeral as firefighters worked to get the flames under control. they spent the afternoon across the street comfortable one another and receiving guests. >> this is very difficult. on the day you bury one of your relatives, you learn your home, which is the second most important thing is also gone. >> two firefighters were taken to the hospital. one for electrical shock. one for minor burns. the heat from the fire was so intensity melted the sidings on the homes on both sides of the home. >> the next question is what happens next. things happen in threes. we hope it doesn't happen in this case. >> well, investigators are still trying to figure out how that fire started but right now there's an estimated $200,000 in damages done. a memorial service will be held this morning for a young woman killed by alleged drunk
7:06 am
drivers in spotsylvania. the victim, samantha sumter was 25 years old. police say several called reporting a car driving dangerously. they tried to catch up to the car. it70y÷ hit two other vehicles a then sumter's car head on. witnesses say passengers were hanging beer oust the window and yelling. the funeral service starts at 11:00 this morning. >> d.c. police arrested two. marcellus green was found shot to death on 28th street after 1:00 a.m. in the morning. they chased down a car. both are facing first-degree charges. another man was shot and killed. this is the same place a man was shot sitting on a metrobus. d.c. police now offering a $25,000 award for any information that leads to an
7:07 am
arrest and conviction of those responsibility for this homicide. developing this morning out of california, we're getting new numbers showing the devastation caused by two wildfires in the northern part of the state 1. 000 homes have been destroyed so far. 6,400 others in the fire's path. five have died. fires are 50% contained. over 100-degree temperatures and winds are threatened any progress. in a matter of days the department of agriculture will begin spraying for mosquitos around laurel. now, there will be a half a dozen no-spray zones you can go to if you're worried about being around chemicals. we'll post those in our nc washington app. by the way, this will be the last mosquito spraying session for the year. right now you can catch the
7:08 am
metro train to the navy race. if closest stop to the starting line is the smithsonian station. okay. this video is something you've got to see. this yacht is on fire. get this. the entire family is on board. why they're thanking the family this morning. a develop story where two children were hit in a drive-by shooting. tragic update when we come back. i had quite a couple of days as you noticed. and donald trump explaining why he did not speak up after a supporter called president obama a muslim.
7:09 am
7:10 am
welcome back.
7:11 am
two children have died after a drive-by shooting. the adults were shot but expected to be okay. police don't believe the shooting was a random act. a salt lake city man is accused of killing two adults and their baby. police arrested him for murder. the three victims were found shot to death friday night. the family was renting the upstairs part of his home while he lived in the basement. police have not said what led up to their deaths. >> check this out. a yacht goes up in flames includes four people with a 6-year-old on board. take a look. you can see the boat is totally engulfed in flames. it happened off the gulf in texas. a passer-by called the coast guard. they got off in time as the boat sank. the fire started in the engine. take a look at this. inside this inferno are 20, yes,
7:12 am
20 vehicles. they went up in flames outside a condo complex in st. louis. it happened saturday morning. people ran out to find their cars engulfed in flames and exploding one by one. the bomb and arson unit is trying the figure out how uall f this happened. coming up. and we do want to take a live look outside. what a beautiful shot on a sunday morning. but it's going to feel a lot different than it did yesterday. the fresh change. tom kierein said you're going to feel. here's a few things you're going to feel. you can check it out. there's the makerfare with krakts for the kidders. it's appreciate day. thank you to all our servicemembers. they can get job training and
7:13 am
7:14 am
7:15 am
at 7:15, we're going to take a look. as donald trump "huge" makes his way. on the controversial comments about president obama trump did not address the reporter. he did address the issue via
7:16 am
twitter at the appearance in iowa. >> they wanted me to speak up in favor of the president. do i think he's going to speak up for me? why do i think he's not? >> some question whether his bubble will soon burst. up this morning on "meet the press," chuck todd will speak with ben carson and john kasich. on the other side of the aisle, joe biden may be close to milwaukeeing a run for president. biden has been weighing the presidential campaign but has been struggling with the decision since the death of his son beau. he'll need to make that decision soon, however. the first debate will be held in october. there were awe-inspeiering
7:17 am
stunts and maneuvers. a chance to get up close to military plane. tens of thousands came out to watch the pilots show off all their stunts. derrick ward shows us that it was well worth the wait. >> reporter: floating, soaring, and tull blinmbling it's been t years. >> it's exciting to be back. >> reporter: they lined up to touch a war hoog or touch an osprey. there are some you can't tach like the 5-35 lightning due to be combat-ready sometime next year. a lot of this have their foundations in real life operations. >> we also use the opportunity to tell the public a little bit more about ourselves. >> reporter: like those who serve on d.c.'s international guard. >> we try to show d.c. we do the mission every day. >> this young boy may take to
7:18 am
the skies but he has a few issues to overcome. >> i'm scared of heights. >> he's keeping it real. today the redskins take on the st. louis rams for sunday football. kickoff is at 1:00. skins lost their first game this season and the team, get this, has only won seven games in the last two seasons. we'll see if they can get it done today. but a lot of people are headed out to fedex again this week wondering what the weather will be like. should they bring a light jacket? >> no. no. it should be perfect. you can come out in short sleeves. lower humidity. it was sweltering. with the heat, we got it. arriveder arrivederci, summer, and hello, fall. there are clouds associated with
7:19 am
a cold front that's pushing in some of the lower humidity and pushing a few clouds now. partly sunny through 8:00 and the winds are picking up. the latest wind gusts are 15 to 20 miles an hour. it will be upper 60s by 8:00 a.m. mid afternoon briefly jumping into the upper 70s. about a 10-degree difference from yesterday's 80s and back down to the 80s by the afternoon. temperatures now are in the mid-60s north and west of washington. upper 60s and often the bay. farther west it's in the lower 60s. shenandoah valley only in the 40s, 50s in the mountains. look at the afternoon highs. a gorgeous day. shenandoah valley along the blue ridge and panhandle of virginia. mid to upper 70s. and in southern-month-o marylan
7:20 am
70s. the low humidity moving in there too. look at the sunset yesterday evening over a sunflower field. this one was posted on my twitter page by jen johnson. post your picks on facebook and twitter and i'll share on tv. we'll share on instagram as well. so for the game this afternoon at fedex field, kix-off at 1:00. a bit of a blustery wind and then through the game should be in the 70s. just a few clouds coming through, but the winds may still be a bit blustery, gusting around 20 to 25 miles an hour. students tomorrow morning, they need to layer all bit. wear a light jacket and have an umbrella handy and long sleeves as it will be a cool start, right around 60 degrees and then hitting near 70 tomorrow afternoon. so quite a bit cooler even then. we'll have a lot of clouds and a chance of a passing sprinkle. have an umbrella handle for
7:21 am
tomorrow. mainly during the afternoon, a passing shower is possible. then driving out just in time, the mid-70s. then on friday, clouds close in. a small chance and then drying out on saturday. morning lows in the 60s. that's the way it looks. >> all right. thank you very much, john. coming up, have you heard about the new app that can get you into the hottest restaurant at a discount? >> i have. >> we're going to take you for a spin and p
7:22 am
7:23 am
7:24 am
well, we've all run into trouble deciding where to go to eat. now there's an app for that. >> how many decisions go into that? >> there's a lot of back and forth in my household. >> that decision can be made for you in less than ten seconds all while saving you money. check it out. some of the most memorable meals out can be those that don't always go as planned. but in the nation's most powerful city, planning is everything, and when it comes to dining, it can be a downright pain.
7:25 am
>> doesn't matter if it's friends, family, you spend 15 minutes talking about where to eat. >> reporter: it's that age-old question they've answered. they're helping people find a place to eat every day. here's how it works. pick your neighborhood, spin, and wherever you land is where you score the biggest deal of the day. the discount can be as high as 35% and is based on factors like date, time, and weather. >> prices on tuesday at 2:00 p.m. when it's raining should not be the same as friday night at 6:00 p.m. >> 10% adds up to an extra beer at the bar. >> reporter: and it's fun, especially when she lands on a favor it's like you hit the lottery for a second. >> reporter: like a game, there are perks particularly in sharing not necessarily at the table or the bar but hosting about your experience online can get you more points and that can
7:26 am
translate into more spins. >> reporter: restaurants say they're winning too. gets more traffic on slower days and real feedback from customers. >> when a customer comes in, they do a review, it's gps verified. we know they came in and it's not our competitors, for example, saying something bad about us. >> reporter: the reviews are done through the app. because it's so new there could be some confusion. >> internally in the restaurant it could be a tough time. but as we grow, it's become easier and easier. >> reporter: so far more than 200 restaurants have signed on. they include hubs of due point and rockville. an app feeding an appetite for
7:27 am
something different by feeding a wheel that always gives a deal. angie goff, "news4." >> we've been spinning it this morning. regardless f of where you land, you can get your 10%. you get your highest did kounlt right there in the middle, which would be at angelicos and then 10% off everyone else. >> this would eliminate any sort of like debate about what's going on like here it is, boom, boom, boom, that's where we should go. >> the biggest thing i heard on the street -- they average like 40,000 spin as month, 250,000 users. it's all locals. they say one thing it urges them is it gets them to try something new. it expands their taste buds. >> i love it. >> yeah. it's pretty cool. >> i love it. >> i will be there because you
7:28 am
will be there. see you in philadelphia. >> well, it's one of the first messages in english for pope francis. it's how he's getting ready for his newest visit and the problem they're rushing to fix in philadelphia right now. and it's going feel more like fall today. tom is also timing out when we could see rain in the workweek ahead. and developing, a desperate search going on in greaece afte a boat
7:29 am
7:30 am
7:31 am
in today's top story, the transit center is finally open. we'll have more for you. 6,400 are in the fire's path. the firefighters have it more than 50% contained. right now rescue workers are searching for refugees. a boat with 43 sunk off the isla island. hundreds of thousands are fleeing to europe to avoid violence in the middle east. good morning. i'm angie goff. it's very busy. >> i'm adam tuss.
7:32 am
we're going have the general manager here coming up at 9:00. we have a lot coming up. as angie said, good morning. i'm adam tuss. we want to talk about the weather. we've got a change in the air. >> we've got a big change going on, right, tom kierein? >> yeah. as you walk the dog you'll need a light jacket. we have clouds right now. we have clouds lined up like church pews gracing over the horizon. it will clear later this morning and we'll have increasing sunshine. right now storm team 4 showing no rain in the vicinity. it's cool, low to mid-60s. shenandoah valley low 60s. out of the mountains, look at oakland, 46, petersburg is 60 around the bay. upper 60s to right around 70 degrees.
7:33 am
a look at this dry pattern continui continuing. look at the papal visit. that's coming up. a rider was killed during yesterday's loefg the race. an alexandria man died after a car hid him. it happened in mt. airy. police say he was going around a curve and crossed the center line. an suv hit him. the driver wasn't hurt. this morning the prince george's fire didn't is mourning one of its own. coll carla blue was killed in a car accident. police are still investigating that. a permanent memorial is in place to honor alison parker and
7:34 am
adam ward. >> i'm so fortunate to have been the person saved. what we're doing here with this long lasting tribute, we have scholarships that are in place for them. they will never be forgotten. donations from this weekend's remembrance all went toward scholarship funds set up in alison's and adam's names. police say the gun used in several freeway shootings once belonged to allan leslie merritt jr. in his first court appearance he told the judge they had the wrong guy. right now police can only connect the suspect to four of them. police in anne arundel county say they caught the man accused of sexually assaulting two women. steven proctor is charged.
7:35 am
he sexually assaulted a woman on crane highway back in july and last thursday another woman was attacked on hospital drive less than two miles from the first incident. three children recovering at a hospital after a horrific boat accident in calvert county. all the kids were under t10 yeas old and flown to the hospital. a 9-year-old was seriously burned. the other girl and adult were not badly hurt. no word on why that boat exploded. what a welcome for pope francis as he gets ready for his biggest event in cuba. up to a million people are filling revolution square in havana for a mass that will happen at k th9:00 this morning. then the pope will meet with cuban president raul castro and fidel. >> i will be there because you
7:36 am
will be there. see you in phil philadelphia. . >> that's the welcome pope francis sent to philadelphia in english to help them get excited for his visit next weekend. crews in philly are still trying to put together the stage when he comes for the world meeting of families. next weekend he'll speak at independence hall and hold a mass on benjamin franklin parkway. don't worry. we've got you covered which happens in just three days. we'll send you breaking news alerts when he gets here and keep you updated on big issues like traffic delays. >> coming up in the week ahead, you can learn more about the next steps for the silver line. a meeting on thursday at herndon elementary school will cover the expansion over the road. now, on tuesday, a new greenhouse opens at centreville high school. it will be used to help teach students about disabilities about growing food.
7:37 am
those fruits and vegetables will eventually be used in cafeteria. >> the arlington county board affordably passes a housing plan. it will add close to 16,000 apartments by the year 2040. the board listened to three hours of personal and heartfelt testimony from those who benefitted from the county's existing housing. that apparently swayed lawmakers' decisions in favor of that plan. a popular restaurant already dropped their spokesperson who admitted to lying about being in the twin towers on september 11th. he gets to keep his one job. who will walk away with the emmy and
7:38 am
7:39 am
7:40 am
the actor who lied about being in the twin towers on september 11th is now keeping his show on comedy central. steve ran a see city lied about it. they decided to run the premiere of his new standup show "breaking dad" last night. best-selling author jackie collins has died of breast cancer. her breakthrough book came in 1983 titled "hollywood wives." it sold more more than $15 million copies. her family said she led a wonderfully full life and was a trailblazer in women's fiction. tonight's the night. >> we're talking about the emmy awarding happening tonight. lots of folks wonder willing jon
7:41 am
hamm finally take home an award. >> i'm surprised he doesn't have one. >> what's the other? game of tloens. they have 24 total nominations, so it's sure to get at least one golden statue. they're saying if jon hamm doesn't get an award -- >> i can't imagine. he's sort of the saddest loser in television history. >> don't know. he's done pretty well. we also learned that selfie sticks are banned from tonight's ceremony. officials cite safety as a reason. don't look for any of those group shots. you know, ellen did the original one, which was really cool. >> yeah. that was viral. i think that was the most tweeted picture. >> they're going have to come up
7:42 am
with something new. well, one group of catholics are especially excited about the ponti pontiff's visit. how their connection with the pope makes history. will it rain when the pope is here. when tom says we'll see showers next. here are a few events happening today. the office of human rights is having a picnic to celebrate diversity. it starts at 1:00 until 3:00. and the curefest to end childhood cancer is going on at the national mall. it starts at 11:00 and th
7:43 am
7:44 am
7:45 am
welcome back. the todd show is next on nbc 4. it starts at 8:00. >> erica and craig live at 8:00. good morning. >> good morning. >> you're back. >> we let them back in for another day. >> nice sunrise. >> national cathedral. >> very nice. >> very nice. >> speaking of cathedral. >> look at that segue. >> in all seriousness, we're coveraging the pope who's in cuba as he kicks off his trip to the united states. tens of thousands to see him on his first day there. the pope has strong words getting a lot of attention. this morning we have more on his visit and his message. remembering jackie collins. the best selling author died
7:46 am
late yesterday after a six-year battle with cancer. we'll take a look at her remarkable life this morning. could this be the year jon hamm goes home with an emmy. he's never won. of course, now that m"mad men" s ov over, they'd like to see don draper recognized. fantasy football. how you can get rich quick and congress takes a look at the fantasy sports. a live performance from cellist yo-yo ma th.
7:47 am
>> people think he looks big. >> can't believe he eat not won anything yet. >> i know. >> this is the year. a lot of folks are saying this is the year. >> we'll see. tough category. >> bye. >> see you in a bit. when pope francis coming to d.c. this week, it's going to be spatial celebration for hispanic catholics. >> there are thousands of hispanic catholics in our area waiting to see the pope. >> he's our pope. >> reporter: father can't wait to welcome the first hispanic pope to washington. he pastors our lady, queen of the americas catholic church in northwest d.c. there are more than 200,000 hispanic catholics in the archdiocese alone, all eager to
7:48 am
embrace their pope it's the same excitement that polish used to feel for john paul ii. now it is our turn. he's our voice, our champion. >> he says there's a familiarity about the pope that resonates with latinos. >> and the pope not only speaks spanish. he feels like us. he thinks in a way like us, so he's presenting this church that with are so familiar with the. >> pope's mass of the basilica will be on wednesday. still he says he doesn't believe anybody will struggle to understand. on the contrary he says with a romantic language like spanish, he believes it will be a message that penetrates the soul. >> we believe that that message is going to stay with us longer.
7:49 am
it's going to go from our heads to our hearts. >> while the focus of the pope's message is still unknown, he believes that it will be about people. >> he's going to be inviting the government here and the church and the society in the united states to also look at the person as of the center of everything politics. the laws and everything. >> will there ever be another pope like this one for the hispanic communities? >> there are pockets. we're not closing the door to other hispanic popes. >> lots of excitement certainly for the pope. >> know. and the weather, it looks like it's going to be pretty nice for the visit. >> just in time. it's looking up. we've had this dry pattern that's been continuing here for the last several weeks and this morning clouds coming through. they did produce a few sprinkles around winchester a couple of
7:50 am
hours ago, but that's it. now the try air returns and it's turning cooler as well. as we take a look outside h e have a few clouds floating over the metro area. clouds over the capitol. they'll be gone here over the next couple of hours. right now we're in the low to mid-60s in the suburbs and rural areas. panhandle of west virginia and out in the mountains. in the 40s in western maryland. quite a chill coming through there. milder around the bay where it's still humid. nearby suburbs in the 60s. post your pictures. i took this one yesterday at the bluebird blues festival. had a great time there. a lot of people showed up there, and i want to thank the nbc 4 crew. i was there along with veronica
7:51 am
johnson. jim handly, pat lawson hughes. we had a terrific time yesterday. it was great seeing so many of our nbc 4 viewers. there are clouds but they'll be ot. by 8:00, 9:00, we'll be in the mid-70s. by mid afternoon, upper 70s. mid-70s by 5:00 p.m. highs all around the region from the mountains to the bay will be in the 70s today with just a few clouds coming through. a terrific day with low humidity passing by on a blustery wind that may be kicking up to around 20 miles an hour. so thatmay be a bit of a factor for the game. the kickoff's at 1:00. but good weather for tailgating this morning. a bit of blustery wind. just a few clourds around in the upper 70s. mid afternoon. back down to mid-70s by late afternoon. then monday morning you need to dress accordingly for cool weather. light dressing.
7:52 am
heading back home from work and school you might need that with a passion shower and cooler with highs only in the low 70s tomorrow. a lot of clouds around and about a 40% chance of a passing shower. then the pope's plane lands around 4:00 on a tuesday afternoon. and for all the events of the papal visit on wednesday and thursday, heaven scent weather. as we get into the new england weekend. look dry, still, low in the 60s each day. average high this type of year is upper 70s. we're finally getting toward the typical september weather. that's the way it looks. >> tom, you to hold onto that heaven sent as a hash tag. like that. >> will do. >> the black lives matter
7:53 am
7:54 am
7:55 am
folks in florida are angry over an upcoming bear hunt. they've decided to send their own message creating a whole new controversy. >> reporter: signs like this
7:56 am
saying "black bear lives matter" popping up in neighborhoods. >> i think it's uncalled for. there's no reason to kill them. >> reporter: she said sit's an important message to help folks smile it's fun and something i definitely want to stand up for. >> reporter: the signs are no laughing matter for the people behind "black lives matter." they've been used to protest the deaths of young blan men. >> you're equating the black lives that were killed by law enforcement to a bear, that's wrong and not funny. >> reporter: sharon helped create the controversial signs and sold them on facebook and told them about the criticism. >> honestly we didn't mean for this to be offensive as all. >> will you continue to sell the
7:57 am
signs? >> i think not. we'll take them down. we don't want to offend anybody. >> reporter: nor does hogue. >> our intention was never to offend anybody. >> we've got to the redskins today. what's the weather going to be like? >> the navy's half air force. it's a great day for running if you're about to walk the dog or do your own run or ride your bike on the path, a pufl day. you'll be bucking the winds at 20 miles an hour. upper highs in 270s. lookin
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
good morning. francis and his flock. tens of thousands of cubans line the streets for pope francis, as his historic visit gets underway. the pontiff praising the new relationship between cuba and the u.s., and telling nbc news he can't wait to meet the people of the united states. we are live in cuba. no apologies. after a rare 24-hours of silence, donald trump speaking out. defending himself for not correcting a supporter who called president obama a muslim. >> for the first time in my life, i got in trouble by not saying anything. >> why trump says he was in a no-win situation. plea of innocence. >> all i have to say is i'm the wrong guy. i triedli


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